Trish Martini

Ginny Williams came into my life through a business networking group and it was the first time I had ever heard of a life coach. I wasn’t really sure what a life coach was and never thought I would use or need one. I had always gone through life pretty successfully I thought, but I had been having some trouble focusing on what I really wanted to do, thinking that I couldn’t achieve my ultimate goal of owning a retail store. I was doubtful that I could do it and I kept avoiding it in my mind because it seemed so far from achievable. So, I just focused on what I knew (that way I couldn’t fail) and ta da – I was successful!

I was the manager of a small stationery store, and I was in a comfortable place. I had learned to design and run the store. I had also started a catering business, part-time (I just love to cook) but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I had always admired store owners and in my mind they had tons of business education, courage and lots of money to do what they did. I had none of those and thought I had no business in owning a store of my own.

I didn’t really have a plan on where I was going with my life but I was pretty happy. I believed that if I avoided what I thought would be unachievable then I wouldn’t be disappointed. I would stay happy!

I started working with Ginny on changing my beliefs. I wanted to believe that I could own a store but I didn’t know how to do that.  Soon after, the owner of the stationery store wanted to sell the business. She wanted to sell the business to me! To me!! Here was my opportunity. I had to take it, didn’t I? My children were grown, my husband was encouraging me and everyone wanted me to do it. I was so scared. Actually, I was terrified but I knew that if I didn’t take it I wouldn’t have this chance again.

With Ginny’s coaching now under my belt and with the support of my family, I now own, run and enjoy a successful stationery store. I have 2 full time employees and have relocated to Main Street in my town. And I did this in 2 years. I love it! I continue to venture into areas that I want to explore, still with some fear but with the knowledge that I can do it.

So that’s my story…let me tell you about my dear friend Ginny!

Ginny Williams is and will be your cheerleader for life! It’s almost like she knew you before you had limiting beliefs. She introduces you to the success you can be and nurtures that relationship.

By helping you discover yourself and the talents and courage you didn’t think you had, Ginny puts you back in touch with the real you. The brave you, the excited you, the you that everyone wants to know and she does it with gentleness and at your own speed, all the while nudging you to take an extra step forward working on removing old beliefs and limiting ways. She is quiet yet her words resonate loudly, forever! The work you do with Ginny is life changing and very freeing. Thank you Ginny, from the bottom of my heart.

Trish Martini, Massachusetts