Tramaine Weekes

In this time of cutbacks and benefit reductions, I choose to invest in myself by having a coach. I consider it my form of professional development. I have been working with Coach Ginny since 2002, when I wanted to make my first career move. At the time, I had just completed my first year of working after college.

I have experienced many things in this time because of my constant evolution/reinvention. Ginny helped me realize that like a child in school, I can continue to explore the world, be challenged by new opportunities and never have to stop learning. I have learned to understand my unique personal style and use it to my advantage in completing projects and tasks. I find that Ginny always asks the right questions. She helps me ask the questions that I should be asking myself to come to the conclusions that are my own, and not what I think I should answer because of responsibility to others.

In the last four years, I have embarked on a journey to ensure that my passions and gifts can be put to good use in my line of work. In doing this, I have found fulfilling work and have inadvertently created opportunities that people can only dream about. I have had jobs that are the envy of my friends because rather than focus on salary and benefits, I focus on how I can be an asset and make a difference – a formula that has ensured that my jobs are fun and fulfilling. I am also pleased to know that my coach is well-educated and knowledgeable in her field. Ginny has been a tremendous resource and is always at the ready with supplemental reading or material that can provide additional guidance for my current interest or endeavor.

This year is my tenth college reunion, so in looking back I can see that I have: won “Teacher of the Year” honors, chaired a successful golf tournament at age 25, made a difference in the lives of many, broken into two new industries, produced over 150 events of various sizes, received annual bonuses because of my drive for success, increased my career network, eased seamlessly into my 30s, achieved work-life balance, am months away from completing my first advanced degree, have a budding interior staging business and have had way too many new adventures to list.

And why? Because I have had a coach that has been with me through my optimistic ideas, my disappointing set-backs and my many triumphs. I did not realize it years ago, but coaching has been the best investment that I have made for myself.



Tramaine Weekes, Director of Development

Chestnut Hill School, Massachusetts