Client Testimonials

I have coached a wide variety of clients with an array of goals: business owners, executives, career changers and more.  Here is a sample of their experiences from our work together.


Since I began working with Ginny several years ago, my life has been completely transformed. “Turbocharged” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Make no mistake, it’s not easy; personal growth never is. But if you’re willing to do the work to introspect and figure out what you want, you couldn’t ask for a better coach on this journey.

Ginny is truly a “life turbocharger.”  She is generous, smart, thoughtful, kind, funny, patient, and firm. She will not only challenge you– with the attitude of a partner rather than an adversary– but she will also help you work through ways to meet your challenges. In short, she will call you on your BS, but you’ll enjoy it! Read more…

 A.A., California

Working with Ginny has added light to the end of my tunnel. Her supportive and nurturing nature has made this process so much easier. She asks the right questions, enabling me to see answers that have been right in front of me all along. So easy to talk with, open up to and honestly, she just gets it. Ginny has shown me the paths ahead and allowed me to decide which to take. She has been there to ask questions of, bounce ideas off, lean on, cry to, and laugh with. She is the travel guide on my life’s journey helping to map out a plan, explore the best options and allowing me to decide where to go.  Ginny is a gentle force of nature, encouraging, understanding and intuitive, guiding, cheering and sending rays of sunshine to brighten the path and lift me up. A true friend and coach!                                                                  

Denise Argiro, Massachusetts

Ginny Williams is an amazing woman and coach.   I felt supported, hopeful and a sense of freedom in our first call. From the simplest to the most challenging situation, it was comforting to know Ginny was a call away to help guide me.

When you’re ready, and tired of being tired and dancing in circles like I was, Ginny is the go-to Life Coach.  Read more…

Jeannie Cappiello, Massachusetts
Fashion Jewelry Designer, Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Reader



I started working with Ginny after a devastating divorce. Together with Ginny I worked through the steps of rebuilding my life…Ginny said to me “you need to look at what you CAN do, not what you can’t.” Suddenly doors I had once closed in my mind started opening. She made suggestions for work that was centered on my talents.

Within a very short time I was earning a living that supported myself and my daughter and I continue on that path today. She is remarkable at her work, and I can only hope to reflect her good work back to my own clients.  Read more…

 Carla Marie Ciampa, New York




When I was laid off from my job in 2007, I found it difficult to focus. As serendipity would have it, while attending a speed networking event, I won a gift certificate for a coaching session. Little did I know that working with Coach Ginny would literally change my life. Every week, Ginny, in a kind, warm, honest and supportive way, helped me to focus, stay on track and accomplish defined goals we had established the week before. Through her direction and dedication, I landed a job very shortly after we began our work together and I learned organizational skills that I continue to use today. More importantly, I gained a lifelong friend. Ginny is one of those gifts in life where I am eternally grateful.

Adra Darling, New Hampshire


My time with Ginny Williams has been a transformative experience. I have achieved major milestones in my life due to her coaching. Goals, both personal and professional, have stayed on track and been surpassed because of her calm, positive temperament and spiritual core – values and beliefs that reflect my own.

The core things that I am most proud of in my life – my own business, family and health – have been directly influenced and positively affected by Ginny’s coaching. I hope we have a life-long coaching partnership.

William Erik Evans, California
BottleRocket Productions, Inc.


Ginny is a wonderful coach, always full of energy. I had coaching sessions with Ginny over a period of 6 months and she was always encouraging with my progress and new ideas I brought to the table. She adapted to my pace and seemed very aware of my moods and energy. When I felt overwhelmed, she supported me without pushing too hard. When I felt like I could move a mountain, Ginny always pushed me to go the extra mile. Some results were very notable. I sold 7 original paintings at an office craft fair at lunch time where I had only sold note cards and calendars on previous years. Some results were more subtle. I had a much greater desire to develop my art career.

Since then, I have won numerous awards, one of which at the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester, MA, which is a place where collectors buy art. More recently, I won an award at the Westford Annual Regional Show in Westford, MA for an abstract piece I did.


Claire Gagnon, Massachusetts


It’s very simple — hire Ginny! I have no doubt that my art and my business would not be where it is today without Ginny’s gentle and kind prodding, challenging my limiting beliefs and helping me move through my fear.

Valerie Hart, New Hampshire



I met Coach Ginny at a very vulnerable time in my life. I was going through rehabilitation after an accident which left me disabled and feeling unfamiliar with having to change career direction in my life.  With all her joy, skillful means of communicating, and positive energy, Ginny breathed new life into me. As I was preparing to enter the work force as a massage therapist, she helped me to see my vision clearly, set and meet my goals, overcome challenges I wasn’t prepared for, and helped me to feel a sense of self worth.

I had met many professional coaches in my business network meetings, but Ginny was IT! She radiates with positive professionalism, personality plus, and becomes truly a friend and mentor for life. I would highly recommend Coach Ginny to everyone seeking a compassionate coach who helps you to expect the best of yourself. Now in my 12th year as a professional massage therapist, I feel that Coach Ginny made a tremendous contribution to my success.

Ameena J., Massachusetts


Ginny is very supportive and has a way of listening to you that makes you feel like you are her only concern. She worked me through my uncertainties by providing some tools to help me identify and verbalize my goals, and to set action steps along the way. Her coaching style was non-intrusive and effective, and I gained a valuable new perspective on my life.

J.J., Chicago

I worked with Ginny when I was seeking a new job. Ginny worked with me to set up specific goals related to my job search.  With Ginny, I established a robust network, managed my time efficiently, and most importantly, stayed positive and focused.  She quickly concentrated on what would be most useful in my specialized legal job search. I particularly remember Ginny, on our weekly calls, making sure I had followed up on what we had set as goals the week before and leaving me in a positive place. She always remembered what we had discussed and what we decided to do. Her supportive coaching style was perfect –she offered concrete suggestions for moving forward in a warm and caring way.  She made sure that I never was stuck. I did get the job and Ginny was a big part of my success.

Richard K., Massachusetts

Ginny is among the most sincere and caring people I know. She helped me to uncover my passion (clothes!) and gave me the support, encouragement and guidance I needed to start my own business. Ginny’s keen instincts are invaluable and she is genuinely vested in her clients’ success. I truly believe that without her help, my business would just be a passing thought instead of a reality. Thank you, Ginny!

 Susan Kanoff,  Massachusetts






Ginny Williams came into my life through a business networking group.  It was the first time I had ever heard of a life coach.

By helping you discover yourself and the talents and courage you didn’t think you had, Ginny puts you back in touch with the real you. The brave you, the excited you, the you that everyone wants to know.  She does it with gentleness and at your own speed, all the while nudging you to take an extra step forward working on removing old beliefs and limiting ways. She is quiet yet her words resonate loudly, forever!

With Ginny’s coaching under my belt and with the support of my family, I now own, run and enjoy a successful stationery store.  The work you do with Ginny is life changing and very freeing. Thank you, Ginny, from the bottom of my heart.  Read more…

Trish Martini, Massachusetts




Ginny’s style of coaching is truly a LIFE coach. Yes, we talked all things business, but we talked about everything. At that time in my life, what used to serve me well in business and life, just wasn’t working anymore. She not only helped me get around those walls, but taught me skills to identify old patterns and move through them faster the next time they arose.

To this day, I hold Ginny Williams in as high regard as I would hold only the most special people in my life. Ginny was thrust upon me at the exact time when I needed her most, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Quite often I quietly thank Ginny for teaching me so many skills that will work in any situation, be it a personal or business venture.  Read more…


Missy Meyer, California







Ginny helped me research and find the courage within myself to plant and harvest the seeds for becoming self-employed, after a lifetime of being employed by others. I would NEVER have found the wherewithal to pursue this endeavor without Ginny’s EXPERT coaching techniques. I am now successfully self-employed and my business is thriving even in this tough economy.  She is so warm and genuine that I have also made a true friend for life! 


Kathleen Rose-Johnsen, Massachusetts




Ginny was always upbeat and positive during our coaching sessions. Her coaching style worked well for me because she would not give me the solution to something I was trying to work through, but would help me find the solution on my own. 

Tom Torgerson, California

Working with Coach Ginny was one of the most pleasurable and supportive experiences I have had during my early career change. Our conversations, daily inspirations, and self-help homework allowed me to “jump into the deep-end” and swim toward my goal to develop my intellectual pursuits for myself first and be a better teacher for it.

Ginny not only saw me through self doubt and indecisiveness, she reminded me that this is My Life and I can do whatever I dream… plus a lot more that only presents itself as opportunity when you take risks.  Read more…

Michelle Vitale, California




In this time of cutbacks and benefit reductions, I choose to invest in myself by having a coach. I consider it my form of professional development. I have been working with Coach Ginny since 2002, when I wanted to make my first career move. At the time, I had just completed my first year of working after college.

In the last four years, I have embarked on a journey to ensure that my passions and gifts can be put to good use in my line of work. In doing this, I have found fulfilling work and have inadvertently created opportunities that people can only dream about… Ginny has been a tremendous resource and is always at the ready with supplemental reading or material that can provide additional guidance for my current interest or endeavor.

I did not realize it years ago, but coaching has been the best investment that I have made for myself.   Read more…

 Tramaine Weekes, Director of Development

Chestnut Hill School, Massachusetts


Ginny is intelligent, resourceful and completely committed to your success! However, it is her graceful style that distinguishes her from other coaches. She senses what you can handle at any given time – taking it slow one week and then pushing a bit the next. Before you know it, your old limiting beliefs are melting away and you are creating a new life!

I have worked with Ginny for many years at critical times in my life. She has helped me with professional challenges, relationship transformations, my children and personal goals to help those in need. She empowers you to see where you are stuck and offers creative resources to move your ideas into realities.  As an executive of a software company, a wife and a mother of four, my life can be hectic. ‘Ginny Time’ makes a difference, so I fit it into my schedule.

Joyce Welsh, CFO, COO, CPA, MST
Amesbury, Massachusetts