Email Coaching

Email coaching is an ideal option if you’d like to work with me, but have scheduling or budget constraints. Now you can enjoy the motivation and accountability of working with a coach, with the convenience of connecting via email.

Ever since I added email coaching  to my service options in 2013, it has become one of my most sought after services. My clients tell me they enjoy my quick turnaround and detailed replies. I don’t do cookie cutter responses, so you will be getting personalized answers with specific suggestions and resources for your situation.

My email coaching style has been described as, “…thought provoking, insightful, empathetic and supportive.”

Some of the topics that I have coached my email clients on:

  • Deciding on a career change
  • Planning a relocation
  • Developing a new business
  • Working through a challenging workplace conflict
  • Overcoming procrastination on an important goal

Coaches: If you are interested in learning more about how I have developed my email coaching into one of my most popular services, sign up for four weeks of email coaching with me. You can ask me any questions you have about how to get started, how to find clients, how to manage your time and more.

Advantages of Email Coaching

  • Up to five email replies per week, Monday-Friday
  • Personal responses from me within 24 hours
  • Affordable alternative to phone and in-person coaching
  • Email when it is convenient for you; no need to schedule an appointment
  • Perfect for brainstorming and strategizing your career and life questions, decisions and dilemmas

There are a lot of coaches these days but Ginny Williams has a rare ability to combine the qualities of the very best – to actively listen to you, to help you build the courage for action, to cut through to what really counts and get to what gives genuine meaning to our lives.

Before contacting Ginny, my options were looking non-existent but using her e-mail coaching service exceeded my expectations of what could be achieved. Ginny has been my guide to discovering what is possible when we ‘get out of our own way’ and my coach in moving forward. I wasn’t sure how email would work but Ginny’s warmth, compassion and energy ‘come through’ to help you be your true best-self. Thanks, Ginny!
~Julian, London


Bonus Benefits

This isn’t just your average email conversation! I have 18 years of coaching experience and a toolbox filled with resources to support your specific situation:

    • Assessments
    • Journal exercises
    • Reading recommendations
    • Weekly goal assistance and more

I have found email coaching with Ginny to be tremendously helpful. As a consultant who travels a lot, my schedule is pretty crazy, and it can be hard for me to schedule regular calls. Email coaching has been the perfect solution.

Ginny is fully present and engaged when she coaches via email; her focus and attention comes through very clearly in every message. I can email her at whatever time is most convenient for me, with a problem, a question, or a challenge I’m facing.  She responds with her wonderfully helpful input, suggestions, resources, and paths of thought to investigate further. Sometimes, that’s all I need; other times, we’ll end up having a back-and-forth exchange that unfolds over the course of several days as we hone in on the issue together.

It is wonderful to be able to brainstorm ideas and solutions with my coach, unfettered by constraints of time or schedule. I’m so grateful that she offers this method of coaching– it has been invaluable to me, and has helped me immensely in my career as well as in my personal life. I highly recommend this service to anyone who would like to work with a brilliant coach but has a difficult schedule; it’s incredibly beneficial!
~ A.A., San Francisco, CA


Get started now!

    • Four Weeks of Email Coaching – $200