Missy Meyer

Ginny’s style of coaching is truly a LIFE coach. Yes, we talked all things business, but we talked about everything. At that time in my life, what used to serve me well in business and life, just wasn’t working anymore. She not only helped me get around those walls, but taught me skills to identify old patterns and move through them faster the next time they arose.

I wouldn’t say that I chose Ginny Williams.  In fact I was in a place at my job where my supervisor of six years and I weren’t communicating very well. It was his idea to have Ginny and I work together for three months, so that I could improve at whatever it was that he felt I was lacking in. During those three months Ginny not only helped me learn to communicate with my supervisor in a style that he could understand, but I learned so much about myself too.

To this day, I hold Ginny Williams in as high regard as I would hold only the most special people in my life. Ginny was thrust upon me at the exact time when I needed her most, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Quite often I quietly thank Ginny for teaching me so many skills that will work in any situation, be it a personal or business venture.

What a special opportunity I had! A truly amazing experience. My ex-supervisor will probably never know it, but he changed my life that day.

Missy Meyer, California