Jeannie Cappiello

Ginny Williams is an amazing woman and coach.  I don’t know where to begin to express the respect and gratitude I have for Ginny, she has been a gift in my life.  I was at a crossroads, basically dancing in circles when learned about Ginny. I was so excited when we had our initial interview call.  I felt supported, hopeful and a sense of freedom in just that first call. I realized I can’t do everything alone, I needed help.

We had a wonderful connection from the minute we spoke.   Ginny has a wonderful gift of helping people; she guided me and helped me in many areas of my life’s journey. I thought I was hiring her to help me with my small business I was trying to start, but she coached me on so much more.  Ginny helped me realize everything is connected like a three legged stool, if one leg is broken it won’t stand up.

She has been a blessing in all areas of my life, business (guiding me through each step), relationships (asking the right questions, so I could go within and find my own answers), finances (95% debt free, by taking her suggestions) and much more.

No matter what my situation was, every week at our appointment Ginny had the resources to help guide me.  She is an amazingly gifted woman, her knowledge, calm voice and her second to none personality helped me to focus and understand how to work through all areas in my life.

Ginny suggested that I keep a computer generated log of what I accomplished every day. This was and still is an invaluable tool, looking back at all I accomplished was amazing, it never felt like I did as much as I could have, but there it was in writing, this was astounding to me.

From the simplest to the most challenging situation, it was comforting to know Ginny was a call away to help guide me.   When you’re ready, and tired of being tired and dancing in circles like I was, Ginny is the go-to Life Coach.

Jeannie Cappiello, Massachusetts
Fashion Jewelry Designer, Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Reader