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  • Who is the Career Radar program for?
    The Career Radar program is designed for students preparing for life after high school. It’s also perfect for young adults who have graduated high school or college, but have not yet chosen a career path.
  • Will this program help my child decide on a college major?
    The Career Radar program will help your child identify multiple options available to them after high school. If they choose to attend college, they will have a clear understanding of which professional direction they are best suited for.
  • Can adults take the Career Radar program?
    Yes! I have a few modifications for adults, but this is the same time tested material I have used with numerous adult clients.
  • Does the Career Radar program have to be taken over 6 consecutive weeks?
    The coaching sessions can be scheduled every week, or every other week. The entire program has to be completed within 90 days, however.
  • How time intensive is the Career Radar program?
    I offer career exercises, tools, assessments and coaching questions following every session. I encourage participants to make the program a priority during our time together. But I am aware that life happens and there may be weeks that are busier than others; I can adapt the sessions accordingly.
  • Is there anything that participants need to do before the program begins?
    Yes, there is one assessment that is required to be completed before our first session. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Can my child continue coaching with you after he or she completes the Career Radar program?
    Yes, I offer a discount for private coaching to all program participants.


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