Career Radar Coaching Program

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Career Radar™ Coaching Program
Helping young adults make the best career choices

Why I created Career Radar

    • The majority of working adults will change careers 3-4 times during their working years
    • Most kids do not have a clear idea of what career direction to pursue after high school
    • Many college graduates later stated they would have chosen a different major
    • Most of all,  because I want to help prevent young adults from making the same career mistakes that so many adults have made!

    Today, high school and college students  have an overwhelming number of options for choosing a career path.  Making the right choice is complicated and most kids simply do not have a clear plan for their professional future.  There are so many options to choose from: college, vocational school, internships and more.  The Career Radar program can help your child create a customized strategy that can save them years of frustration.


    How I Can Help 

    Since 2001 I have coached countless individuals who took a wrong turn when it came to their professional direction.   They all wished they had spent more time understanding how to match their unique qualities to the perfect career…before they wasted years in the wrong one.  I’ve combined my years of coaching experience, tools and resources into the Career Radar program.  Contact me today to reserve your space in this new program.

    Ginny has been extremely helpful to me in so many ways. Not only has she helped me discover my career goals, but she has also helped me learn more about myself in general. I would highly recommend her. ~ Daria L.

    What is the Career Radar program? 

    Career Radar is a six week one-on-one coaching program focused on high school and college students, as well as recent college graduates. The Career Radar program will help your child  to discover everything they need to know to make informed choices about their future:

      • Who they are – their strengths, skills and values
      • Their passions, interests and preferences
      • What they’re best suited to do 
      • Which career options are right for them
    Having Ginny as a career coach has been very beneficial to me in so many ways. I have a better understanding of who I am as a person, and can narrow down what I feel is most important to me in terms of what I want in my life and in my career. She is super helpful! ~ Chloe L.
    Included in the program:
      • Six (6) one-hour coaching calls
      • Complimentary career assessment
      • Additional assessments for personality, values and strengths
      • Journal exercises
      • Tools and resources, including book recommendations, career and job search sites and more
      • Unlimited email support between calls
      • Customized Career Radar Map at the conclusion of the program

    Can adults take the Career Radar program?  How time intensive is it?  For answers to these and other questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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